Constructing buildings in Lagos is regulated through building regulations and control.

With this, It has strived to check several stages of building works to certify compliance with building regulation and also secure health, safety and aesthetic goals.

The agencies that should be alerted before constructing buildings in Lagos are;

Office of the State Surveyor General

The office of the State Surveyor General was established to enroll, generate, perform and evaluate policies on land matters in the state.

This role is important because without getting clearance from here, you can’t  get your title registered with the land bureau.

Ministry of physical planning and urban development

In Lagos, the ministry in charge of reviewing and approving building designs is the ministry of physical planning and urban development.

Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) is an agency under the ministry of physical planning and urban development and are responsible for processing and issuing reconstruction approval and permit.

The Lagos building control agency (LASBCA) is responsible for enforcing and monitoring building control and regulations.

While Lagos State Urban Renewal Agencies (LASURA) implement the state policy on urban renewal and upgrade of slums in Lagos.

Here, a piece of land can be used for different things. So, in order to determine why a specific region is designed.

Hence the physical planning urban development is required.

Similarly, the approval here indicates if a state has designated a certain area for residential or commercial purpose.

Lands Bureau

In lagos, the Lands bureau is well known for managing, controlling and administering lands.

Land title documents such as deed of assignment and other similar documents are registered by this agency.

Ministry of Environment

The main duty of this body is the creation of environment policies.

Meanwhile, note that the minister of physical planning and urban development needs permission from the ministry of environment to carry out specific development.

Local Government

While other agencies are responsible for issuing and vetting the necessary documents, the local government issue occupancy permits and perform mandatory inspection.

Omo Onile

Finally, purchasing a piece of land in Lagos and building on it is typically a big order thanks to the land grabbers popularly called “Omo Onile”.

Now, organization and even individual have seen reasons to include the cost of Omo Onile in their budget.

This has not only slowed down development but also led some people and business to think about moving to a nearby state where Omo Onile is not prevalent.

That said, it’s advisable to have all the necessary document on drawings and tax to prevent delay during the approval process.

Consequently, a copy of the approved building must be provided upon inspection while the constructing buildings in Lagos.

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