Perhaps you are thinking of building houses or acquiring lands in Lagos, whatever the case maybe, building houses with proper planning is the key to successful construction.

Although, building houses in Lagos and any other city is the same process, but cost of land and labor varies.

In this post, i’ll be shedding light on different steps to building housed in Lagos, the mega city.

Firstly, there are two phases involved in the building and construction process. The phases are; pre-construction and construction phases.

In the pre-construction phase the first step is to acquire a suitable plot of land to build your dream house.

In this situation, using the services of a qualified real estate agent is advisable to avoid stories that touch.

Once you make your research and consider factors like location, accessibility, infrastructure, security and price before buying the land.

You just have to tell them your taste and budget and they will find the land that suits your taste.

Planning when building a home cannot be over emphasized. Hence, it’s very important.

When you have a dream to pursue to become great and you plan towards achieving that dream, it comes to reality.

Same goes with building houses, if you plan toward achieving that dream house, the overall construction process will be easy.

More so, there are few questions to ask yourself when achieving such dreams of becoming a landlord.

Questions like; what type of house do I want, duplex or bungalow? How many rooms? Basic or luxury finishing?

However, thanks to technology, these questions can be answered in a jiffy by just checking online to get ideas and inspiration.

If you have a piece of land and few designs you can hire an architect to make your vision a reality.

The architect is in charge of creating a plan for the house in accordance with the desired location.

So you should be able to express your needs to the architect on the style of home and amenities.

In addition you need to obtain some documents like survey plan, title documents, architectural document for reference purposes.

After planning, you should make a budget on the following; price of land building /finishing cost, building plan fees etc.

Another aspect of construction project that if poorly managed could financially wreck your entire dream house plan is buying supplies.

However, if you don’t want to go through all these stress you can hire the right construction services.

Qptservicesltd offers one of the best construction services in Lagos.

Moving forward to the second phase of the construction process is working with a quantity surveyor

The surveyor must make sure the construction plan matches the topography and durability of the surrounding.

After that, the building preparation can commence. This includes clearing and leveling the site, land excavation and foundation.

Other stages include interior and exterior fitting, door and window fixing, decoration etc.

In conclusion, building houses in Lagos is not simple but if you follow the steps highlighted, your dream house would come out just excellent.

In the same vein,you must always keep the lines of communication open with your contractor throughout the building process.


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