Facts about Real Estates in Lagos

Facts about Real Estates in Lagos

Asides from the fact that Lagos is a densely populated area, there’s always an obvious fact even an average Lagosian would argue that Lagos is unarguably the home of real estate in Nigeria. Lagos commands a reputable position in the league of leading business not only in Nigeria but Africa and beyond.

Whenever the term real estate is used, people often get confused. Real estate involves properties and structures which can include any form of development on it.  Real estate is often categorized into three sections, we have a commercial real estate which can be used for commerce purposes. the Residential real estate, which to its name is used as residential purposes. Industrial real estate where manufacturing of goods and services are done

For instance, Commercial Real Estate is the office buildings, warehouses we have in Lagos while Residential real at undeveloped houses and land. Meanwhile, examples of industrial real estate includes mines, firms, and farms.

It will interest you to know that as of 2011, Lagos housed more than 14 million people which mark a remarkable population upswing compared to 1970 when it had the capacity of housing 1.4 million people.

Real estate has indeed transformed Lagos from a residential community to a business hub. It’s no longer news that real estate is evolving at an alarming rate. Little wonder the Government are more aware of real estate development in the expansion of their various states

With the value of Nigeria money on a constant downfall, putting your money in real estate in Lagos is a winning game because it is the best recession-proof investment opportunity you can ever dream of. The good news is there’s little or no government restriction on property values.

In the same vein, you can achieve more when you sell or put it up for rent. Generally, properties in Lagos are of high value. one subtle reminder is to have your clients best interest at heart

One essential fact about real estate is that Lagos is the center of business wherever you go in Lagos, you’ll always come across businesses.  This indicates a measurable standard of living.

Another amazing fact about real estate in Lagos is property investment is a long-term business as it appreciates more than 100 percent.By 2925, lekki property will generate over 75 percent of Lagos wealth.

A place like Ibeju lekki in Lagos, now called New Lagos is a great investment plug. It is known for housing important landmarks in the country. For instance, power oil factory, Dangote refinery, beaches to mention, but a few

Although so many people have fallen into the wrong hands or had one issue or the other with “omo onile” or even government .whatever the case may is, property investment, especially in lag is the biggest deal that keeps you living on and large.

Real estate is rapidly making waves globally. Many agents and online sites such as Qpt services are there to help buyers and owners get the best deal out of the ordinary. For more information.

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