Real estate market is one of the most amazing business with investment opportunities, but the question is , is it profitable?

Before we delve into the main topic, let’s briefly explain the term real estate and how it operates.

The term “Real Estate” is a common investment which consists of  property ownership and management.

Following the country’s population growth, majority continue to look for apartments to rent,build or buy for commercial purposes.

Many of the richest and most influential individuals in Nigeria and abroad frequently invest in real estate.

Because of this, prospective buyers have gradually shown interest resulting in an increase in client base.

Asides from promoting growth and development in your portfolio, everyone gets find something to enjoy.

Furthermore, there are several approaches in how real estate assist in making money. They are;

  • Property development.
  • Land/house flipping.
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts ( REITs).
  • Rental properties etc.

However, some people believe that they need excessive  capital to start the business. No, this is a false belief.

You do not need millions of dollars to invest because there are several employment prospects for you.

Employment prospects such as;


Developers work in capital intensive sectors of real estate market.

After they purchase a house, they develop it to increase its opulence and appeal and later sell for premium prices.


Here, these groups invest in properties at deep discounts and hold onto it until it value rises.


These individuals purchase homes in undeveloped areas and then wait for a long time, anticipating that the value will rise.


Meanwhile, these set of groups are the middlemen in the real estate industry. They link property owners with potential clients.

Thus, a typical real estate agent have privilege to over 30% of the sold property.



The importance of location cannot be over emphasized as it has a significant impact on Real Estate.

As your environment improves, so does your property value increase.

Similarly, your property becomes appealing thereby bringing more potential buyers.

Government policies

Government rules and regulations may also influence how profitable your properties are. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult legal experts before purchasing a home to avoid stories that touches the heart.

Inflation rate

Inflation occurs when the cost of products or services increases in an economy due to decrease in purchasing power.

This means that if the prices of things increases, your property value also rises.

Level of Development

When you develop your property, it often leads to higher Return on Investment (ROI).

This is why investors buy homes and develop them to make it more inviting to potential clients.

In conclusion, if you want to succeed in the business of real estate, always take the important factors into consideration.

Also, get professional and skilled hands to guide you through the process of investing so as to avoid unexpected outcome.

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