Top 5 Questions To Ask Before Renting An Apartment In Lagos

Are you thinking of Renting an apartment in Lagos? Or do you have plans to move from one apartment to another?

Well, congratulations because renting an apartment is a big decision, especially in Lagos.

It’s no longer news that Lagos is a mega city and business hub of West Africa where people from all walks of life struggle with the increased cost of living to get to their place of work except of course the high-income earners who can afford expensive rents in the heart of Lagos.

Renting an apartment in Lagos affects your lifestyle. From where you sleep, down to where you commute to work, where you eat, and so on.

So before you decide on the apartment and area you want to rent, you need to ask some series of questions.

Here are the Top 5 questions to ask before renting an apartment in Lagos

How Much Does Rent Cost? 

You must be aware of the cost of living before you even start looking at potential residences.

Do you have the budget to cover the payments? How much will it cost each month, and how much will it rise over time?


How Does Maintenance Work?

The house owner makes it a point of duty to their tenant to ensure that everything in the flat is working as expected.

However, you need to ask the landlord about who you will see if there is an issue and how quickly such problems can be resolved.

Similarly, some landlords demand yearly maintenance payments from their tenants while others don’t.

Ask the agent or landlord if there is a maintenance cost you must pay and what will happen in the event of an emergency repair.

 What is the level of security where you are renting an apartment in Lagos ?

 Another major question to ask when renting an apartment in Lagos is the security level of the area.

As we all know that the issue of insecurity in Nigeria as a whole has deteriorated. You need to ask the owner of the house if there are provisions for vigilantes and watchmen etc.

What Are The Rules That Apply To Visitors When Renting An Apartment in Lagos?

Typically, in other houses, visitors are welcomed. However, there are some landlords who like to define who they count as visitors.

It’s possible that your agreement limits visitors to stay for just two weeks.

This may seem like a silly question, but I have heard of instances in which landlords have taken offence at a tenant for having too many visitors or having visitors remain for an excessively lengthy period of time.

How Is The Situation Of Electricity Supply?

 Finally, knowing the state of electricity supply in that area is crucial if you don’t want to be dancing to the disturbing sound of a generator.

Although, the poor power supply in Nigeria may continue to persist due to the cankerworms that have eaten deep into the nation’s power sector it is safer to be aware of the power supply situation in that area.

These basic questions will help you get started on your decision to renting an apartment in Lagos.

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