Property Management is not easy. You need a lot of time and money to maintain it.

Take, for instance, a typical Nigeria businessman put up his property for rent. He eventually gets a tenant.

A few months later, the tenant is faced with some challenges such as roof leaking, appliance problems etc

As a landlord who doesn’t have time for his property, What will happen to the property? or the tenant?

Well, the best answer in this situation is to hire a property manager or management company.

A property management company oversees real estate and physical property through maintenance, control and operations.

They are very useful to people who have little or no experience in managing a property.

Getting the right company can be tricky, especially with many fake ones around.

Here’s how to hire the right property management company that best suits your need:


Firstly, it is vital to know how long a company has been in business.

Although, the number of years doesn’t always guarantee a reputable company, a company that offers substandard services will run out of business over time.

With their wide range of experience, such companies are aware of problems that face some properties.

Thus, they know the techniques and strategies to use in such situations.


Technology also plays a vital role in property management.

You need to know if your choice has a solid online presence.

Similarly, customers’ reviews are online. Through reviews, you can monitor your preferred choice and see if they meet your taste.


The proximity of a property management company is as important as their online presence.

Are they easily located? Do they have office facilities? In cases of emergencies can they be reached?

As a property manager, you need to be available to keep the property safe because empty properties are the target of burglars.

However, word of mouth can help you in your quest for the right property management company.

More importantly, they must be able to provide flexibility, security, confidence, a realistic budget and an effective communication channel.

Having said all these, don’t settle for less than what you bargained for.

After all, your property is the most valuable and important asset that needs to be handled with care and expertise.

Qptservicesltd offers you both care and expertise with the best maintenance packages for your property.

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